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Sydney Produce Surveyors (SPS) operates primarily from within the Sydney Market offering a wide range of post-harvest services to all sectors of the horticultural industry, especially in those areas where integrity and total impartiality are essential.

SPS works together with growers, agents and merchants by assisting them in becoming the best at what they provide. We aim to promote a high level of integrity within the Australian Horticultural Industry in order to ensure Australia's reputation is built upon as a world class leader in fresh produce standards.

Our senior consultant, Chris Cope, has served in the horticultural industry for over thirty years - working with the Department of Primary Industries in the Sydney Market, airport, wharves and import/export of fresh produce.  His experience in the area of post-harvest problems is vast and held in high esteem within the industry.

The services SPS provide include:

  • Independent quality Survey Inspection and Assessment.
  • Produce assessor for the Horticultural Code of Conduct under the Fair Trade Act.
  • Daily Market Price Reporting of fresh fruit and vegetables for the Sydney Market, and in turn the Australian Market.
  • The supply of market intelligence to individuals, corporations and media.
  • Loss assessment and current price valuation at the time of trading.
  • Pre and post export assessment and certification to quality standards.
  • Export loading supervision.
  • A range of regulatory/advisory functions relating to export, interstate movement, maturity testing and the marketing of fresh produce. 


Working together with all sectors of the Horticultural Industry

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