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SPS provides objective first hand documentary and photographic account of situations whereby an independent arbitrator is required to provide the best course of action in situations that relate to the quality of produce. We are able to supervise the operation and monitor the level of wastage. Our intervention on behalf of growers will save time and travel expenses.  Produce can be examined on arrival any day, on a routine basis or in specific instances. This service provides protection to producers and traders who are experiencing problems related to transportation or handling and is designed to verify the condition of produce on arrival. Pulp temperatures are recorded and any signs of damage to the produce or package are taken into account.


It is possible to have individual lines of produce examined and compared to similar produce on offer on the day. Our report indicates those areas where additional attention might be required or the aspects of packing or presentation which might be resulting in lower returns. SPS are also able to evaluate the line in relation to the day’s quoted prices.  


This service is available to Traders and Exporters who are consigning produce from the Sydney Market. We will document the quality, condition of the produce at dispatch point, together with pulp temperatures, notes on the suitability of packaging as well as providing documentary and photographic evidence to verify compliance to export standards or contractual specification. This record can save claims after arrival or support those resulting from transportation damage.


The Horticulture Code of Conduct is a mandatory code under the Trade Practices Act 1974 aimed at improving the transparency and clarity of transactions between growers and wholesalers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Sydney Produce Surveyors has been appointed as Horticulture Produce Assessor for matters arising under this code.

The key elements of the code are:

  • Wholesalers publish their preferred ‘terms of trade’
  • Growers and wholesalers use written agreements
  • Wholesalers are clearly identified as either agents or merchants
  • Wholesalers provide written transaction information to growers
  • Independent assessment is available on transactions
  • Low cost mediation is available if disputes arise.

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